From the first rays of sun in April, the Presbytery offers you a magnificent terrace, the most cozy place in Belgium. A terrace designed as a garden, a vegetable patch and also a vineyard. A magical and soothing place, like a haven of peace in the middle of the countryside. Like a poem in the hollow of the ear, the lapping of the water from the fountain and the song of birds lovingly rock our hosts. Without forgetting the captivating scents of our aromatic plants, and the unforgettable scent of Maciejka flowers. The vine climbs proudly towards the sky and if we listen well, we can even hear it whisper with its friend the sun. Next year, it will amaze us with its juicy grapes. In the evening, the moon watches over our Garden of Eden and the most attentive can hear the heavenly lullabies of the angels who are preparing for a sweet sleep, in the majestic Saint Barbara Church, our closest neighbor.

On our 100 places, midday and evening, all generations meet: students, business people and tourists from around the world. In July and August, life takes on a minty taste, through our mojitos, while our beers, brewed with wisdom, flow like a river with the taste of hops and barley.

Every presbytery has its tradition! All cultures, such as a tower of Babel, multilingual and multicultural, live here an unforgettable meeting, spring and summer.

Le Presbytère lives to the rhythm of Vivaldi's four seasons.

The first red-orange leaves of October plunge us into a honeyed melancholy which reminds us that life is an eternal beginning.

Welcome to Le Presbytère!