Artur Wrobel, businessman for several years. Very recognized in the real estate sector throughout Belgium, he is also at the head of an international transport company. A great passionate, and lover of real Belgian gastronomy. An art lover and unconditional passion for vintage cars. He wishes to receive the hosts as at home at home, and to offer them his passion and his most sincere convictions.



Pierre Piwonski.

passionate, dynamic, ambitious, curious about everything, he moved to Brussels to devote himself to his new vocation: gastronomy and the creation of events.

He then worked as a commercial director and chef at the famous caterer Loriers. Following his professional career, he became director of several prestigious restaurants in Louvain-la-Neuve and commercial and artistic director at Birmingham Palace.

Master of events, he organizes, for example:

  • The World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs in Brussels,
  • The Kenzo festival in Brussels,
  • The Queen Elizabeth Competition and Africalia as Director of catering at the Palace of Fine Arts,
  • The launch of Boeing with the company +33, the anniversary of Godiva and represents Belgium in numerous Tourism Fairs (Berlin, Frankfort, Paris, London) as director of the Vaudeville theater.

As a decorator, he has created, for years, breathtaking atmospheres that amaze a very large audience. At home, each person and each action is unique, thus creating tailor-made and thematic events.

For several years, Pierre Piwonski visited the best suppliers of local products, organic farms, abbeys in Flanders and Wallonia. He is the guest of honor to Gordon Ramsay in London and also to Magda Gessler, the president of the Master Chef in Poland. Currently, with many renowned African chefs, he is creating a book on African cuisine and tableware.



Izabela Sianko-Jozwiak , a businesswoman active in the HoReCa market for 17 years, Izabela is essential on the Belgian event market. A graduate chef and technician of good nutritional practices, she organizes prestigious events for the diplomatic and cultural corps of Poland as well as for Belgian and international companies.

It is thanks to her know-how and professionalism that she is entrusted with events by the Polish Embassy and the European Parliament.


Closest collaborators:



Julian Demoustier

After spending his first eighteen years in Lisbon in Portugal, he landed in Brussels to start a Bachelor in Economic Sciences at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. With the idea of ​​growing up in the field of sustainable cooking and food, it is quite natural that he is moving towards a Master in Environmental Management at the Faculty of Sciences of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Fresh out of university, he joined Ecores where he held the position of Intern for support in Sustainable Food and Eco-circularity missions. It is therefore responsible for supporting various restaurants and canteens in their process of adhering to the Goodfood Label, awarded by Brussels Environment. This experience allows him to acquire extensive knowledge of the good methods and behaviors necessary for a more sustainable development of the HoReCa sector.

Then, seeking to combine his passion for cooking and his studies, he joined the restaurant Les Compagnons where he held the position of Assistant Manager. Here, his love for cooking, his precision in the gesture and his hardworking character will allow him to become sous-chef cook under the direction of Pierre Piwonski. This will allow him to participate in the creation of menus and the establishment of the restaurant's catering offer.

It is therefore from the height of his 26 years and with a real entrepreneurial spirit that he launches body and soul in this magnificent project.



Igor Tarnowski

With more than 7 years of experience in HoReCa, Igor conducted in parallel with his studies, he graduated in 2019 after having followed a paramedical course in line with the values ​​of healthy food, it is therefore quite natural that he decides to pursue his little path in restoration. Naturally hardworking and conscientious, it is with conviction and the will to do things divinely although Igor followed suit in this project. Sensitive to visual and musical art, his sense of detail and service will guarantee an impeccable image and in perfect harmony with the culinary values ​​carried by the members of the team.